Chain Link Fencing Salt Lake CityChain link fences are practical and used by many residential and commercial establishments. This type of fencing is durable and the galvanized steel can withstand sun, heat, rain, snow, ice, and wind. Indeed chain link fencing is sometimes called hurricane or cyclone fencing because it stays standing despite intense winds. This is due to, in part, the fact that the woven, interlocking steel wires offer wide spaces for wind to pass through. Chain link fencing Salt Lake City might be exactly what you want for your home and business. They offer protection, security, and containment of your goods and belongings. We can even add barbed wiring or spikes at the top of the fence for extra protection.

Our chain link fencing Salt Lake City services are in demand because chain link fences require almost no upkeep. In case there is damage, the broken segments can be cut out and replaced quite easily. Most people are not aware of this, but chain link fencing comes in different colors and thickness so they can have a unique appearance beyond the stereotypical “construction site fencing”. Please contact us regarding our chain link fencing Salt Lake City choices. You will be impressed at the ways we can customize your fence.

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Kurb-It serving Wasatch, Summit County and Salt Lake Valley since 1999

In today’s fast paced world, it is more important than ever to protect your property with an effective fence. At Kurb-It Landscaping, our priority is to create functional, beautiful, and affordable fencing so that you can have peace of mind. In addition to fencing, our services include laying down cement, installing awnings, fitting deck railings, and more. As a family owned business, we have been serving the Wasatch, Summit County, and Salt Lake Valley since 1999. We pride ourselves in our superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. We use the highest quality materials and our installations have a limited lifetime warranty. If you are in need of a practical fence, please call us regarding our chain link fence Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide free, no obligation estimates: (801) 232-5988.


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