Stone Fencing Salt Lake CityOur stone fencing Salt Lake City services generates some of the most wonderful and creative fences in the area. As one might expect, stone fences are extremely unique in appearance and are extremely durable in quality. Stone fences have surface textures and a variety of colors that cannot be compared to wood, vinyl, composite, or chain link fences. Indeed, stone fences are so solid that they can sometimes be considered walls. A home or property with a stone fence speaks volumes: it is more than a fence, it is an architectural style and a statement of who you are and how you wish to be perceived. Your neighbors will appreciate your stone fence because of its incredible poise. If you are interested in stone fencing Salt Lake City constructs, please contact us for a free consultation, our craftsmen can work with you to make your fence the fence that neighbors envy!


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Whether you are in the market for a classic wood fence, a modern composite fence, or an impressive stone fence, we can help you achieve the look you want.  Not only do fences enhance the look of your home, fences also offer protection, containment and division of neighboring properties.  Serving Salt Lake City and surrounding areas since 1999, Kurb-It Landscaping is the professional team of choice.  We offer landscaping services, fence & awning installation services, concrete services, and more.  Please call us for free consultation:  (801) 232-5988.  We offer free, no obligation estimates.


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